Course Project Mentor

Graduate course, Arizona State University, Computer Science, 2021

  • Mentored 4 groups of 5 students each in Course projects
    • Out-of-Domain Generalization of Numerical Reasoning Tasks
      • Robustness of T5 models in Addition and Subtraction operations in Natural Language Text.
      • Robustness with Decoding (conversion from word form to number form).
      • Robustness finding maximum and minimal number from a numerical series.
      • Robustness with sorting a numerical series in ascending and descending form
    • Methods
      • Numerical Masking during Pretraining
      • Experiments with different numerical representations (e-based, 10-based, etc)
      • Experiments with delimiters
  • Teaching basic concepts of embeddings and using BERT for Question Answering in their projects
  • Grading of project and final examination