About me

  • I am a 5th Year PhD Candidate at Arizona State University, Tempe, United States of America in the Cognition-Intelligence(CogInt) Lab - WIP Website under guidance of Dr. Chitta Baral and closely collaborate with Dr. Fish Wang
  • I love to experiment in Natural Language Processing area with focus on applications in Cybersecurity, Biomedical and Numerical domains
  • I have been a Research Intern at Microsoft Research (MSR group Knowledge, Reasoning and Learning (KRL))
  • Prior to Starting PhD, I worked for a total of 7 years in two companies in India
  • Apart from academics I like to draw portraits, play table-tennis and cricket, run, travel to places without crowd


I’m a Ph.D. Candidate working in the field of natural language understanding and reasoning. There are two major directions to my research. First, using both implicit and explicit knowledge to improve machine reasoning. Second, using machines to recover missing explicit and implicit information from data and use them to improve human readability, understanding, and reasoning. To this end, I work on various projects in domains like natural language, numerical, cybersecurity, and biomedical through NLP tasks like information extraction, question answering, structure generation, and reasoning. I am also interested in commonsense, open-book, numerical, and multistep reasoning.


  • Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Knowledge representation, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Clinical NLP.


  • Natural Language (NL), Biomedical (BMI), Cybersecurity (SEC), Numerical (NUM)


  • Community Question Answering - Question Tagging
  • Open-Book Question Answering - Multi-step Reasoning (NL), Information Retrieval (NL), Commonsense Reasoning (NL), Reasoning about
  • Information Extraction - Named-Entity Recognition (BMI), Structure Generation from unstructured Texts (SEC), Decompiled Code Analysis (SEC)
  • Reasoning - Multi-hop (NL), Commonsense (NL), Effects of actions (NL), Numeracy (NUM)
  • Semantic Textual Similarity
  • Object Recognition

Skills & Coursework

  • Coursework
    • Natural Language Processing, Bio-Medical NLP, Data Mining, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    • Statistical Machine Learning, Pattern recognition
    • Software Security, Mobile Computing, Theory of Computation
  • Programming Languages & DB : C, C++, Core Java, Python, PL/SQL, MySQL
  • NLP/ML Tools, Libraries : Transformers, Scikit-Learn, Pytorch, AllenNLP, Spacy, Pandas, Pytorch-Lightning, OpenCV
  • Version Control Tools : Git
  • Bug Trackers : Bugzilla, JIRA
  • Misc : Elasticsearch, docker

Other Things I like to do

  • Drawing Portraits, Playing TT (Ping Pong), Playing Cricket, Running, Long Walks, Swimming, Cooking food I love to eat.